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Cherokee Point

Students interested in the field of education can intern at Cherokee Point Elementary. They work alongside teachers, getting hands-on experience helping students achieve as they learn about key concepts in education.


Feb. 2014
Jordan always does a great job and is forming strong relationships with his students. Today, Jordan really shined as he introduced a new intern placement, Fredley, to all the students, showed him the classroom routines, and proved to be a leader. With Jordan's help, the transition for Fredley couldn't have been easier.


Dec. 2013
Samantha has continually shown passion, professionalism, and dedication to her role as a future educator at Cherokee Point. She is currently working in a bilingual kindergarten classroom. It is a pleasure watching her connect with the children, speaking in both English and Spanish.


Feb. 2014
In her first day at Cherokee Point Lupe was not afraid to jump right in and help the students. She automatically started circling the room and checking in on students. During centers, she started playing a matching game with a few students and others seemed to flock over. Instead of simply playing a game, she was sure that it served an educational purpose.. Before the students could match the letter to the appropriate picture, she would ask them to say the sound that the letter makes!