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Hospitals and Clinics

Thanks to our school’s partnership with Sharp Healthcare, HSHMC students intern at Sharp’s Memorial, Grossmont, Coronado, Chula Vista, and Otay Ranch hospitals, as well as several Sharp Rees Stealy sites, starting freshman year. Our unique program allows students to get hands-on experience working alongside all types of healthcare professionals, as they learn about the many dimensions of the medical field, as well as related concepts and issues.


Nov. 2013
Joanna really shined when observing and working with a patient that had dementia. She showed patience and understanding as well as the determination to be of help of any kind to her preceptor.


Oct. 2013
Sephun was placed in Neurology this semester at his request, to get a feel for what he wants to do post high school and college. Sephun wanted as much information as possible and ended up with over 15 different vocabulary words he would be using this semester in his internship, as well as, had a list of questions that would be beneficial to him becoming a neuro surgeon.


Nov. 2013
Fredley enjoyed working for Ray in Rehab helping patients regain their independence. Ray's instruction and guidance made learning fun and rewarding. Fredley switched to Endo last week. He started working in recovery and assisting with patient procedures. He was so excited at the end of his first day!