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Hospitals and Clinics

Thanks to our school’s partnership with Sharp Healthcare, HSHMC students intern at Sharp’s Memorial, Grossmont, Coronado, Chula Vista, and Otay Ranch hospitals, as well as several Sharp Rees Stealy sites, starting freshman year. Our unique program allows students to get hands-on experience working alongside all types of healthcare professionals, as they learn about the many dimensions of the medical field, as well as related concepts and issues.


Nov. 2013
Dhalia was with the pathologists as they performed a fetal autopsy today. They also let her examine different fatty tissues in a biopsied breast. Dahlia's performance today was great, she handled herself professionally and was all eyes and ears as her appreciation soared for her internship.


Oct. 2013
Working in the Motion Center, Kassandra helped with an experiment to check the pressure points of human stance. The goal is to determine if it is possible to detect warning signs that would help prevent the elderly from falling.


Dec. 2013
Warda assisted patients with their walking exercises and because of her internship she now knows she wants to follow the nursing pathway. She enjoys working with patients and feels a great sense of accomplishment.