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Online Summer School Information

HSHMC's summer session begins on Monday, June 15 and ends on Thursday, July 23. Summer School will be completely online. We are offering several enrichment courses, including Spanish and Integrated Art, which are both required courses needed to graduate from HSHMC. Since we do not always offer these two courses during the regular school year, summer school is a great time to help students meet these requirements.

Below is a list of the courses offered online for summer. Courses are either three or six weeks long, and students can sign up for two courses per session. The summer school registration has been emailed to your child so they can sign up using our online registration form. The link to the registration form can also be found HERE. Students planning to attend summer school online must complete the registration form by Friday, May 29, 2020.

6-Week Session - June 15 - July 23

-U.S. Government/Economics (Incoming Seniors only)

-Modern U.S. History

-Modern World History



-HED155 Realities of Nutrition (College Class)

-POSC 121: Intro to US Government & Politics (College Class)

3-Week Session - June 15 - July 2 3-Week Session - July 6 - July 23

-Integrated Arts - Integrated Arts - Learn more about Art class with Ms. E!

-Cooking - Cooking

-Physical Education - Physical Education - Learn more with this video from Dr. Bonine!

-English - English

-Spanish 1 - Spanish 2

-Spanish 3 - Spanish 4