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School Closed Thursday May 31

Dear HSHMC Families, After school today, we discovered that the blood pressure machine we use for demonstration purposes had leaked some amount of mercury. Since safety is our first concern we immediately contacted the San Diego Fire Department who sent out their hazardous materials team. The fire department hazardous materials division detected mercury levels on the carpets and that a major building cleanup will need to occur. Thankfully they did not detect dangerous respiratory health levels. However, we will take no risks and expect that the Public Health Department will take all necessary steps to insure the contamination is not spread further. This may mean that the Health Department will visit some of your homes to make sure there are no levels of mercury there. They will be meeting with us later and we will share more details with you then. In the meantime, we plan on closing the school tomorrow to begin the clean-up process. We will let you know if it is necessary to close the school Friday. Once again, your child's health and safety is our number one concern and our plan is to be over cautious to insure that the building is completely clean before we resume classes. We want to repeat that at this point the Fire Department Hazmat team has not given us any reason to believe your child's health has been compromised.

Students in our ISP independent studies program will still have school tomorrow at the El Cajon Blvd location.

Closing tomorrow will also mean that our Symposium will be cancelled as well. We hope to make plans to reschedule for another date.