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Upcoming Events

Weekly Principal Bulletin

Sharp HealthCare will be on campus tomorrow providing TB tests to high school students in our health pathways. A permission slip was sent home last week with students who need a new TB test. You should have received a reminder phone call home from us as well if your student requires the test and we have not yet received permission. Please check in with your child and send the form back with your student tomorrow if they need the TB test and you have not provided permission. Sharp will be back on Friday to read the results of the tests given tomorrow.

Our Parent Advisory Committee who like to offer the staff a wonderful breakfast as part of staff appreciation week on May 10. Our parent advisory group is requesting a small donation to cover the expenses. If you are interested in participating, they ask that you please send in $5-$10, or whatever you are able, in a sealed envelope to HSHMC's front desk by the end of the week.

Tickets for Senior Prom are on sale now! Senior Prom is Friday, May 11 on the Adventure Hornblower Cruise Boat from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Tickets are $100 per person which includes dinner.

Our next Saturday School is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 from 8:00 to 12:00 pm. Attendance is mandatory for those students with 5 or more absences. Saturday school is also open to any student who wants to attend to clear absences and incompletes.

This Friday is early dismissal at 12:35 for both the middle school and the high school.

High school families, please also remember that there is now Academic Recovery and Advancement from 1:00-3:00 pm on Fridays. This session is especially designed for students who are carrying incompletes or want to advance their grades. If your student has carried at least one incomplete for 6 weeks or more they must attend this session. This includes all students still carrying semester one and Q3 incompletes.