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Weekly School Bulletin

Starting Tuesday April 27th, all HSHMC students are expected to be back in school through our virtual online learning platform, PowerSchool Learning (PSL) . Students can access PSL through the Clever portal linked under the Students section on the school's website.

Students holding incompletes from first or second semester must make clearing those incompletes a priority. In addition, please be sure your child logs on to their PowerSchool Learning for directions on their current classes and coursework. College classes and enrichment courses are continuing as well. We are also offering an Art course that students can take by contacting Mrs. Rotell at If your child still needs technology or Wifi, please see our post regarding technology immediately so we can help resolve.

For the remainder of this semester, English is being embedded into the science and social studies classes. Our English teachers will be working with the science and social studies classes your children are enrolled in to monitor students' grades in English as well. If your child wants any additional English, there is an enrichment course that they can participate in. Students have found this to be a very rewarding experience over the past few weeks. We will be in touch with you regularly as we work to smooth out the courses and experiences.

With the use of the Zoom application for our face-to-face instruction and meeting times with our students, we hope you will help reinforce our expectations that students using Zoom should be dressed appropriately for school and their actions while in the group setting should be respectful and non-disruptive as well.

We are now offering School Chief's Office Hours online for HSHMC parents. Dr. Johnson will be on Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Come say hello, ask questions, share concerns, or just join in the conversation. To join in, please register on our website and a link to join Zoom for all of the ongoing days and times offered will be emailed to you.

All of us at HSHMC continue to miss all of you. Your safety and health remain our number one priority and we hope that you and your family are doing well as our community continues to experience the impact of the Coronavirus. Please remember that there are many sites across the county set up to provide school-aged children with breakfast and lunch. A list of those locations can be found on our website.

We are in this together and we are here for you as you stay safe and stay home.